How Do 30,000 People Get Rescued When 911 Is Overwhelmed?

We connect people who need help during a crisis with local volunteers who can give it.

And we've done it close to 50,000 times, thanks to next-gen tech, amazing volunteers, and local OEMs



Started in the midst of Harvey in a flooded and leaky office as a way to organize rescues in a Houston neighborhood, CrowdSource Rescue has helped connect over 18,000 professional and volunteer rescuers with 49,000 people using its mapping and dispatching technology. Learn More

What isCSR

CrowdSource Rescue is a public-safety grade platform that uses next-generation technology to quickly connect both professional first-responders and vetted volunteers with response, relief, and recovery cases before, during, and immediately after a disaster.

We started in Harvey and have since operated in Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Nate (where we thankfully weren't needed!), Mexico City Earthquakes, and Hurricane Maria.

Response Management

Using the latest GPS tracking and mapping technology, we connect vetted and certified civilian rescuers with urgent cases before, during, and immediately after a disaster.

Early-Early Relief

Civilian volunteers are often the first, first responders. In the first 72 hours, they are first on scene with water, medical supplies, and other critical supplies while the logistic supply train gears up.

Rapid Response

During Harvey emergency services were overloaded with cases. We were able to quickly organize over 8,000 rescuers to assist their efforts in a matter of hours, allowing 911 to focus on critical cases.


Before Irma the CSR platform was used by churches to connect elderly members with a vetted rescuer able to help them evacuate. The platform quickly identifies needs and matches them with volunteers.

Relief and Recovery

We work with local municipalities and organizations to use our rescue data as a starting point for the long recovery process.

White Labeling

Have a large existing volunteer base you want to mobilize in a disaster? Need to rapidly triage your employees after a disaster? CSR can offer a whitelabeled version of the platform.


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